Blocnation (BNTN)

    Unlocking the Lifestyle Payment Ecosystem in Asia

    The Blocnation token (BNTN) will be used across leading Southeast Asian cashless payment community of venues and events, PouchNATION. The Blocnation app includes features such as cashback, cashless top up, hostel booking, altcoin holding, acquiring event tickets, and atomic & etomic swaps.

    Blocnation is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the Komodo platform to conduct the first decentralized Initial Coin Offering (dICO), heralding a new age in digital payments and ensuring investor privacy.

    Despite its tremendous potential, digital currencies failed to achieve mainstream adoption and the technology remains confounding for several users looking to purchase, send, and store their coins. Blocnation aims to change that by developing a user-friendly solution while making financial technology solutions accessible.

    The multi-currency mobile wallet platform has three primary functions:

    • Enables seamless digital currency transfer via atomic & etomic swaps.
    • Serves as a cryptocurrency throughout the event and lifestyle ecosystem.
    • Offers access to digital assets for those unserved by conventional financial systems.

    The Blocnation app is both a multi-crypto wallet and decentralized exchange, easy to use and highly secure. Blocnation will introduce a revolutionary, closed-loop payment option via Komodo’s wallet. The result is a secure and reliable platform that users can be involved in.

    With the Blocnation-Komodo-powered wallet, users can seamlessly swap different digital currencies using Komodo’s atomic & etomic swap protocols. The Komodo platform enables immediate exchange of holdings with others rather than depending on exchanges. It is resistant to theft and hacks, seizure of digital assets, and delisting of coins or regulatory issues.

    Working with PouchNATION, the Blocnation wallet will offer efficient and alternative payment methods in the PouchNATION ecosystem of venues and events. It introduces a host of real-world applications for the currency as well as enables instantaneous and secure transactions for venue and event guests. For venue owners and event organizers, the Blocnation wallet saves transaction fees and increases guest touch points through marketing promotions.

    Token BNTN
    Type Utility
    Price 1 BNTN = 0.1625 USD
    Bounty Available
    Platform Komodo
    Accepting LTC, QTUM, BTC, KMD
    Hard Cap 32,500,000 USD
    Country Philippines
    Restricted areas USA, Singapore, China
    White Paper