Blockstarter: A One-Stop Powerhouse for Your ICO Needs

ICOs are steadily becoming the new go-to place for crowdfunding in the community for cryptocurrency. But aside from the digital currency Ethereum, ICOs don’t seem to have any non-tech savvy platform that most people will not have trouble using. Enter Blockstarter, an avenue for users to easily market their campaigns.


Blockstarter is a new platform where everybody can make ICO campaigns, and easily have it listed. Other features include:

– Saving your campaign draft, letting users come back to it for updates
– Share that same draft with other users, and let them make corrections and/or add their own
– Users can easily publish their drafts and have it reach an audience of investors that also use cryptocurrency

With this, the platform has created a one-stop powerhouse for ICOs to be created, promoted, and funded without any of the usual difficulty.

A wide-array of wallets

If you created your own ICO, chances are you need a wallet for investments and such. But instead of going around the market looking for the best wallet suitable for your needs, you can easily find one right here on Blockstarter. The platform gives you everything you need for your ICO to thrive and succeed.

And in this day and age, one of the ingredients for ICO success is letting investors have the chance to contribute to their own choice of cryptocurrency. Blockstarter easily solves that by having up and coming digital currencies, as well as existing ones, integrated onto their platform.

Easily make your own smart contract

One of the pains of making an ICO is making your own smart contract, and without any programming experience, it’s not something someone looks forward to. Well, with Blockstarter’s non-tech savvy interface, anyone can easily make Ethereum smart contract.

Easy to navigate interface

  • Cryptocurrency contribution processing
  • Profile management
  • ICO Campaign Monitoring

Do all this and more with Blockstarter’s one-click interface that is very easy to navigate and go around.

Welcome to Blockstarter, your one-stop shop for making, funding, and launching your own ICOs.