Blockchain in the Tourism Industry: TravelChain Launches Decentralized Data Exchange System

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In a recent turn of developments, TravelChain, a blockchain project from Russia, announced today that they won’t be using the Ethereum smart contract for their coming token sale. Starting on the 10th of December, their token sale will be based on their very own graphene-based blockchain. A breakthrough in the travel industry, TravelChain is at the center of the SmartTraveling Ecosystem that gives developers the resources they need to fashion the services that contemporary leisure travelers will use to meet their needs.

Ilya Orlov, TravelChain CEO and co-founder said recently: “Data is the ‘oil’ of the 21st century, but in most cases, it circulates within corporate systems and cannot be used by other companies to create innovative services. We are looking to bring forth digital revolution in the travel industry using blockchain. We designed TravelChain to bridge the gap between all stakeholders in the travel industry and incentivize the consumers. Travelution is coming.”

About the company

According to the company’s website, TravelChain is described as a “decentralized data exchange platform for the travel industry.”

A data storage infrastructure that is globally scalable, the company has its own graphene-based blockchain system that lets their user base make public information easily accessible to the whole system while still being safely encrypted. Individual users also have their very own private keys which let them secure their information under lock and key, putting them in control with the selling and/or distribution of their data.

Now dealing and making transactions with an unknown person is sometimes hard, as it is difficult to predict their actions. TravelChain aims to solve this by letting you form an image of another person without being personally acquainted with the said person, since this is always critical when it comes to your private property, money, and health. The Travel Passport also boasts sociability, benevolence, professionalism, and responsibility.


As of the moment, outside advertising space, the data market is still not being monetized, what with Facebook, AirBnB, Alphabet (Youtube and Google), and other services barely reaching the outskirts of base advertising services and products to the masses.

To solve this, TravelChain produces different models that let businesses and individual users share data among the network, with the company aiming for these consumers to profit from sharing. The customers getting C2C escrow deals as well as getting the absolute best deals and offers from businesses are also two of the targets that the company wants to achieve.

As for the businesses that use their service, TravelChain aims to provide to the companies immediate feedback about their services from the customers themselves, while also working towards giving the customers the best conditions available. Companies will also be able to potentially reduce the costs of marketing by having access to TravelChain’s ecosystem of data.

TravelToken sale

Starting on the 10th of December, TravelChain’s upcoming token sale will last for about two months, with a limited part of these tokens having a 15% bonus. In total, 693, 000, 000 tokens will be released, with each one having a value of around 0.0000016 BTC. More information can also be found here:

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