Bityard Exchange Review

Many investors are anxious to do leverage trading due to the hard-to-grasp technicalities involved. But leverage trading need not be complex. Bityard brings simplicity and ease of use to contract trading, allowing novice customers to confidently trade with margin.

Most contract platforms offer advanced tools that aren’t necessary for beginners to use, and thereby, add more confusion instead of real value to newbie traders.

But what exactly are contracts?

Contracts are trading instruments that enable investors to trade on the price movement of an asset at a fixed future date and price. Contract trading allows users to access enormous amounts of capital through leveraging. It is generally used as a means of hedging other investments or locking in profits when trading in volatile markets.

What is Bityard

Bityard was founded in 2019 at Asia’s technology capital, Singapore. As a world-leading crypto contracts exchange, Bityard’s business philosophy follows the “complex contracts simple trade” approach that aims to simplify the trading experience for customers while using adequate trading tools.

The exchange offers a low barrier to entry, as well as competitive fees. Users are able to execute trades as low as 5 USDT or as high as 20,000 USDT, with a mere 0.05% interest rate.

As higher risk begets higher reward, Bityard allows anywhere from 10x to 100x leverage.

Advantages of Bityard

There are several crypto derivatives trading platforms in the market such as Bitmex. While they do offer advanced tools for veteran traders, their interface and operation panel are far too complex for newbie traders.

Side-by-side comparison between Bitmex and Bityard trading interface

As you can see from above, Bityard’s interface (right) looks simple and sleek. Moreover, it’s not crammed with too many functions that might overwhelm beginners.

Through its simplified process, Bityard offers the most beginner-friendly tools and interface for trading contracts. This allows anyone the ability to trade with leverage despite having no previous experience. Furthermore, it allows users to generate income through the daily mining program.

Bityard was launched with four licenses certified by four regulatory entities: ACRA of Singapore, MSB of the United States, MTR of Estonia, and AUSTRAC of Australia.

The exchange also supports deposits with fiat and seven mainstream digital currencies: BTC, ETH, XRP, TRX, USDT, HT, EOS. With that in mind, Bityard has more deposit options than any mainstream contract exchange. Furthermore, it also offers OTC services for buying USDT with low trading fees, applicable to first-time traders and institutions alike.

Bityard has two remarkable promotion and customer acquisition strategies. One strategy is to onboard new users through its brand ambassador Buakaw Banchamek, a Thai boxing champion.

สวัสดีครับทุกคน พี่บัวขอแนะนำแบรนด์ใหม่ให้รู้จักครับ "Bityard" แพลตฟอร์มออนไลน์ให้บริการแลกเปลี่ยนสกุลเงินดิจิทัล…

Posted by Banchamek Gym (Buakaw Banchamek, บัวขาว บัญชาเมฆ) on Friday, May 8, 2020

The other strategy is to utilize KOLs to siphon more users within the crypto space.


Bityard Signup Process

The signup process takes only 30 seconds.

Simply go to the Bityard registration page and enter the necessary information. You can register using your email address or phone number.

Once done, you’ll be assigned a secure wallet and can begin trading.

Bityard Contract Trading

To begin trading, go to “Trade”.

You will then be directed to the trading page, which has a clean and simple interface, with professional-grade charts and tools.

Bityard derives its pricing data from three top-of-the-line spot trading exchanges Binance, OKEx, and Huobi in order to maximize market price accuracy. Unlike other platforms, it does not impose its own spread to its users.

Comparison with other Contract Platforms

Platform Bitmex Bybit Deribit Bityard
Transaction Fee 0.075% 0.075% 0.075% 0.05% (The mining

reward can be deducted

by another 10%)

Fiat Deposit No No No Yes
Number of Assets Options 8 4 2 10
KYC No No Withdrawals > 1 BTC No

BYD and Daily Mining

Bityard gives users the chance to get BYD, the platform token, among other mainstream cryptocurrencies, in its Daily Mining page.

As the native asset, BYD’s role will encompass the growing ecosystem of Bityard. This means that it has the same potential as Binance’s BNB. For now, it can be used to pay for trading fees, which gives users a discount when using the exchange.

BYD will soon be listed in several mainstream exchanges in the future.

The total supply of the token is 210 million, with 10.24 million BYD allocated to the mining program. Moreover, you get 6 BYD upon activation.

KOL Incentives and Brand Ambassador

KOL Incentives

Bityard offers a minimum of 40% commission for its KOL partners. Each of them will receive a salary daily proportional to how many users they bring to the site. However, only valid users will be rewarded.

Valid users:

Monthly total deposit ≥100USDT

Monthly valid trading volume≥50,000USDT

Only 1 user counts for same IP address

Any illegal registration detected will be disqualified.

Active User Bonus

Bityard KOLs get to enjoy 3 months of invitation bonus; 7 BYD = 1 USDT

New Monthly Active Reward Standard
5-10 70 BYD/User
11-30 80 BYD/User
31-80 90 BYD/User
80-120 100 BYD/User

KOL Daily Pay

Bityard KOLs will also receive a daily bonus as long as their commission rate is above 5%.

Today Total Volume Today number of traders Daily Pay
50,000 USDT ≥ 5 Users 5 USDT
100,000 USDT ≥ 10 Users 10 USDT
150,000 USDT ≥ 15 Users 15 USDT

Bonus for upgrading to a qualified KOL

KOL’s who reach the trading volume standard within 3 months become a qualified KOL and enjoy the regularization bonus:

Maximum monthly trading volume Reward standard
5,000,000 USDT 500 USDT
10,000,000 USDT 1000 USDT
15,000,000 USDT 1500 USDT

Referral Bonus

KOL’s will also receive a bonus for recommending Bityard to others through the referral bonus scheme:

Referrals monthly trading volume Active invitees Referral Bonus
3,000,000 USDT ≥ 5 Users 300 USDT
5,000,000 USDT ≥ 10 Users 500 USDT
10,000,000 USDT ≥ 20 Users 1000 USDT

Buakaw Banchamek

Bityard Ambassador

Most crypto exchanges don’t bother investing on brand ambassadors to promote their platform. Bityard intends to do things differently.

The contract exchange has secured a partnership with Buakaw Banchamek, a Thai boxing champion who happens to be one of the greatest athletes in Thailand.


Bityard’s target market is very specific. Their customers are newbie traders who want to trade contracts.

They have recognized that the crypto contracts trading market is underserved, therefore, they intend to fill that gap with their Complex Contracts Simple Trade concept, which is evident in the Bityard platform.

Any newbie trader who will stumble upon the exchange will find that it is the most intuitive contracts trading platform in the market as it makes it so much easier to trade with leverage.