Bitmain to Launch Two New Models of Bitcoin Mining Devices

Crypto mining mogul Bitmain is introducing two new models for its Antminer range of bitcoin mining gadgets, one of which is its most powerful yet.

Revealed Friday, the Antminer S17e has a hash rate (mining power) of 64 terahertz for every second and a power effectiveness of 45 joules for each TH.

The numbers compare positively and the current most powerful model on sale. As indicated by the Bitmain site, that is an S17 with 53 TH/s and an effectiveness rating of 45 J/TH in ordinary power mode.

The second model of new Antminer, the more budget-friendly T17e, gives a hash rate of 53 TH/s and power proficiency of 55 J/TH. This one seems to offer identical hashing power and lower productivity to the 53 TH/s (45 J/TH) S17 model currently on sale, although at a lower price point.

In its statement, Bitmain says:

“Both new models have been designed for more stable operations in the long-term to reduce maintenance costs for customers. This is made possible through the dual tube heat dissipation technology which improves how efficiently heat dissipates.”

They are also stacked with new programming said to be “more secure” than earlier to avoid “malicious attacks.”

The new models will be sold in three batches from September 9 till September 11 and will be delivered in November.

The China-based miner producer is additionally saying it will remunerate purchasers with coupons on the chance that they suffer a late delivery over the “e” models, “based on PPS rewards of the mining pool (electricity cost deducted).”