BitherCash Offers Unique Features for Traders and Investors

With different Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) becoming a regular event in the cryptocurrency world, traders and investors are becoming more selective of the altcoins to buy. Many altcoins today are basically replicas of one another. Many don’t have Unique Selling Propositions (USPs), so investors are searching for ICOs, which have one-of-a-kind features and benefits that are not founded on the same old cryptocurrency platform. Now, we have BitherCash.  

Not similar to most altcoins that heavily depend on the Virtual Machine of Ethereum, BitherCash runs via its own blockchain integrating algorithms for proof-of-stake (POS) and proof-of-work (POW). BitherCash blockchain is quite similar to the Bitcoin Core, but with some modifications to allow the best features of POW. Its code runs on Script programming language, so many of the benefits of Bitcoin are available in BitherCash.

Aside from a formidable platform, BitherCash also has enticing features. It is totally decentralized to provide users access to the blocks, which prohibits any case of insider attack plaguing many centralized systems today. The ledger is also encrypted and runs synchronization across devices on the blockchain. Hence, every member of the network receives all transaction records. This offers the first genuine concept of a personalized bank for customers.

Security and profitability of BitherCash

Security is a crucial element in BitherCash. This altcoin offers high-level security to members of the blockchain via pseudonymity in order to conceal user profiles and encryption in order to thwart hackers from accessing data within the network. Security features such as AML and KYC are also added alongside the regulatory measures currently implemented in North America and Europe.

The structure of the BitherCash platform has been designed for easier processing of payments as well as peer-to-peer remittances. This is made possible by using API clusters, which allow lower latency in transfers. Hence, the blockchain is capable of supporting high-volume and high-speed coin transfers. The creators of BitherCash expect these features to attract members of the Bitcoin community.

There are different ways for investors to make money on the BitherCash platform. First, they can make profits by trading the altcoins with other digital currencies on primary exchanging platforms. Virtual traders can make decent profit margins. Because of the formidability of the platform, there is less probability that it will easily collapse.

Another way for investors to make profits in this new altcoin is by holding BitherCash coins for appreciation. Many POW platforms are positioned for high-value appreciation. Hence, investors can just purchase BitherCash coins and speculate on a lucrative market.  

Lastly, investors can be profitable by staking BitherCash coins. Because this altcoin also has the elements of POS platform, investors can choose to lend their tokens and wait for appreciation.

In the world of cryptocurrency replicas, BitherCash really offers unique features for investors and traders. Its creators are expecting to entice investors who are looking for new digital tokens. It was pre-launched last November 28, 2017, but early investors can still benefit from discounted rates by buying coins early. BitherCash 45-day ICO is still running, which is a great opportunity to make early investments in this unique cryptocurrency.