Bitcoin Hits It Big in Google Trends, Surpasses Trump, Kim Kardashian

The term “Bitcoin” is currently one of the most popular search terms, according to Google Trends. It is even outperforming some of the most regularly popular terms for the last few years.

Notably, the web analysis tool also sheds some light into the preferred nomenclature. For instance, it seems that users favor using the term “crypto” over “cryptocurrency.”

Google Trends is an amazing tool for paralleling how different search phrases perform in terms of popularity. It offers a quick view of the interests of worldwide internet users. Bitcoin is currently on spotlight these days.

Ethereum-focused blockchain software company ConsenSys said in a blog post on June 7 that the term “Bitcoin” is searched more frequently than other consistently popular searches.

ConsenSys compared Bitcoin with “Donald Trump” and discovered that the two jostle for dominance for the last twelve months. Bitcoin, however, has been breaking out in recent months. Notably, people are more inclined to search for Bitcoin in Google when the price of Bitcoin is rising.

In North America, the US President dominates the searches, while Europe, South America, Australia, and the majority of Asia shows the opposite.

The terms “Tesla” and “Kim Kardashian” were subsequently added in the comparison. ConsenSys found out that “Tesla” surpassed Bitcoin over the last year. At present, the two are almost equal in terms of popularity as a search term.

However, the increase in the number of users searching for “Kim Kardashian” was not enough to outperform Bitcoin. When the interest picked up for the showbiz personality, the price of Bitcoin at the same time rallied, leading to more people searching for the cryptocurrency.

ConsenSys also gauged how Ethereum performed compared to other popular Google search terms.

On average, terms like “Jeff Bezos,” “Lionel Messi,” and “climate change” all surpassed Ethereum over the last twelve months. Ethereum, however, beat Leonel Messi at the time of writing, which is not surprising, since it’s the end of the season and there are no upcoming international tournaments.

Crypto versus cryptocurrency

Interestingly, crypto is considerably more popular than cryptocurrency in general. However, countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and Malaysia still prefer to use the term “cryptocurrency.”