Bitcoin Community Contributes to Notre-Dame Restoration Campaign

The Bitcoin community has been supporting an effort to restore Notre-Dame de Paris, which recently caught fire on April 15.

In an ongoing restoration effort, the almost 900-year-old cathedral suffered a colossal blaze purportedly caused by a construction accident. The fire resulted in major damage to the cathedral, causing the roof to burn away and the top of the building to collapse. The stone foundations, however, are solid and most of the stained glass windows have survived. Since there’s an ongoing renovation, most of the art was already transferred off-site before the fire happened. Money was already spread thin even before the catastrophic fire since the French government only offered less than a third of the funds needed to restore the historic site.

There have been an outpouring of international support to address the fire damage. For instance, Grégory Raymond, French economist and journalist, has appealed to the cryptocurrency community to help, setting up a wallet to immediately accept donations for Notre-Dame’s reconstruction. As of now, the donation address doesn’t have verification other than the economist’s credentials to speed up the process of raising funds. Stronger security might be in place soon.

The crypto community is not new to international campaigns like this. One of the advantages of a decentralized, peer-to-peer currency is its capacity to bypass limitations of borders and governments. Bitcoiners around the world funded the legal fees for Hodlonaut, creator of Lightning Torch, after Craig Wright sued him for defamation earlier this month.