“Bitcoin Baby” Raises College Fund Through Newspaper Ad

One-week-old Izabella Bowles is the subject of a newspaper ad when her parents Wioletta and Peter seek donations in bitcoin for her college tuition fund.

The listing in The Times that has an uncommon title—Bitcoin Baby—looks nothing like the advertisements adjacent to it such as births, marriages, and death announcements. The ad also includes a combination of 33 multi-case letters and numbers at the bottom, which resembles the BTC address. The Bitcoin Baby ad appears in the same newspaper where Satoshi legendarily derived his encoded genesis block headline (“The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”). Three days earlier than Izabella’s parents’ ad, Bitmex also took a double-page ad celebrating Bitcoin’s 10th anniversary in the same British newspaper.

Although the Bowles family is not the first to seek donations for their child’s college fund, their act to use bitcoin is definitely novel. Interestingly, the college campaign for Izabella is proving to be successful so far with Izabella’s BTC Address getting as much as 0.91 BTC from 106 transactions in the past few days. It is also quite interesting to note that the BTC address 1ZAB5XeKMdvax2S8eZT7GQ6Nj4xjbsw1Y has a resemblance to the name of the child who will someday use the fund for education.

With the usual cost of four-year British university education at $52,000, Izabella’s BTC college fund is already 7 percent off the target. Since it’s hard to manually type the bitcoin address, the donations that have been sent so far are likely from online shares of the ad, rather than the print of The Times.

“Disguised way to beg”

There are several divided opinions regarding the bitcoin baby’s college fund. One Reddit user described the parents’ move as a “disguised way to beg,” others praised the parents’ ingenuity, and some are worried about the baby’s identity being forever tied with a BTC address. After all, no one knows how much bitcoin will be worth 18 years from now. If all goes well, Izabella’s 0.91 BTC can send her to college in 2037.