Bitcoin Association Announces Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 in Partnership with nChain and WeAreDevelopers

On June 16 Bitcoin Association, which is the global industry organization that advances Bitcoin SV. and is based in Zug, Switzerland announced that Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020 – a two-day virtual developer conference – will be held on July 18-19 in partnership with WeAreDevelopers and nChain. This non-profit association brings together enterprises, start-ups, merchants, service providers, blockchain transaction processors, and others in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem to advance the growth of Bitcoin commerce. This will make a huge shift in creating a system that fosters lawful conduct while encouraging digital currency innovation.

And this weekend-long virtual event will feature leaders from across the Bitcoin SV ecosystem teaching sessions to educate up and coming developers interested in working in this field. It is free to attend and registration is open now. And the presentations that will be given will provide foundation knowledge of the Bitcoin network, how it works, and its programming language (Bitcoin Script). The attendees will also learn how to start building a powerful application on the blockchain as well, by getting some practical experience. They will also have a chance to chat with Dr. Craig S. Wright who will discuss the origins of Bitcoin Script and the potential it has for the future.

Bitcoin SV blockchain is the only blockchain that adheres to the ‘Satoshi Vision’ and protocol of Bitcoin’s creator Satoshi Nakamoto. That vision includes massive scaling to support higher volumes of transactions and diverse data. This will allow Bitcoin to function both as a digital currency and a global public ledger for enterprise applications as well.

This gave the application development the boost it needed as it exploded globally with over 400 known ventures and projects already making use of BSV’s greater scaling, data, and micropayment capabilities.

The demand for Bitcoin SV is growing especially fast in the online gambling industry as this type of payment provides fast and safe transactions and that’s why more and more online slots for real money can be played with transactions executed using Bitcoin. But online casinos aren’t the only ones that have realized just how convenient Bitcoin is. A lot of hotels and restaurants now accept payment via Bitcoin too and the number of such facilities is growing daily.

And in order to meet this growing interest in Bitcoin SV development, Bitcoin Association is partnering with WeAreDevelopers for the launch of the first Bitcoin SV Devcon. WeAreDevelopers is a leading online community platform for developers, with a track record of producing the best educational resources and events. These two giants are also working together with nChain, the global leader in the research and development of enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.

Jimmy Nguyen, Founding President of Bitcoin Association spoke out about this event and expressed his excitement about being able to hold a completely virtual Bitcoin SV DevCon next month. And he is very happy that more and more developers are taking interest in this field as the potential this blockchain has can only be realized with their talent. “That’s precisely why we’re so excited to be running this event and doing so in partnership with WeAreDevelopers and nChain, both of whom bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will ensure that Bitcoin SV DevCon is both an enjoyable and educational experience. There’s never been a better time to learn to build on the Bitcoin SV blockchain and there’s never been a better place to start that journey than with the Bitcoin SV DevCon 2020″ – stated the President.

Also commenting on this event was Steve Shadders, CTO at nChain and Technical Director of the Bitcoin SV Node project. He also expresses his excitement about the expanding amount of opportunities for developers with the skills required to build applications on the blockchain. And he expects that in the future we will see a whole new class of specialist developers emerge as businesses look to harness the power and potential of blockchain technology. That is because Bitcoin SV is the only blockchain that is capable of fulfilling all the needs of businesses and DevCon 2020 is the perfect place to start learning how to work with it and develop the necessary skills.