Bit Paradise (BPD)

    Bit Paradise - Cryptocurrency Meets Casino Game

    As cryptographic exchange station springs up anywhere and international mining or returns exchange markets are saturated, Bit Paradise has been exploring the requirements of a great exchange station built on trust and interest and gaining empathy from users worldwide. However, Bit Paradise found the solution in casinos which are already enjoyed and loved across the globe.

    Bit Paradise is a groundbreaking, revolutionary kind of “cryptographic exchange station based on game meta.” It was established in Singapore in October last year. It has created a complete and safe ecosystem that reduces the decline in token value and guarantees profitability through casino meta.

    The Bit Paradise platform is now expanding into the markets of South and Latin America including Argentina, which previously begun using digital currency for bank remittances. Bit Paradise is also preparing for the official opening of eight nations in the second half of this year. It promises to emerge into a leading international exchange market built on strategies that consider the needs of users and sustainable growth safety.

    To ensure maximum profits, Bit Paradise created an optimized casino gaming service. After the game service transaction, the little amount of leftover digital currency will offer pleasure and amusement, and the game profit is given to the investor via the profit-sharing token reward system.

    Beginning with the first dicing game, Bit Paradise is designed to be redefined as mahjong, slot machines, power balls, Go-stops, horse racing, etc. will continuously expand and add games soon.

    Dates 2019-04-15 – 2019-04-25
    Token BPD
    Type Utility
    Price 1 BPD = 0.02 USD
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH
    Minimum Investment 1000 USD
    Hard Cap 35,000,000 USD
    Country Saint Kitts and Nevis
    White Paper