Beam Capital Management Launches Blockchain Account Strategy

Beam Capital Management, a New York-based investment advisory company, introduced a separately managed account strategy, which seeks to invest, use or even develop blockchain technology.

The new account strategy called the Blockchain Leaders SMA does not intend to invest in Bitcoin, Bitcoin futures, digital currencies, as well as coin offerings, but will directly invest into publicly traded companies in the blockchain universe.

Mohannad Aama, CIO of Beam Capital Management, will supervise the newly launched strategy as manager portfolio.  Aama declared in a press release:

“We are delighted to introduce this pioneering strategy to the separately managed account market. Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt several industries. We expect the universe of publicly traded Blockchain stocks to significantly increase in 2018 and beyond. We believe that a professionally managed separately managed account offers easy access, transparency, liquidity, and control — four essential aspects of investing that individual and institutional investors value the most — particularly when it comes to investing in a new and potentially disruptive technology.”