‘Badger Wallet’ Launches New App for iOS

Bitcoin.com’s Badger Wallet, a light client of bitcoin cash, introduced a new app for iOS. This marks its entry to mobile devices after having success with desktop storage and trading.

Apple users can now send, receive, and store bitcoin cash (BCH), together with Simple Ledger Protocol tokens while utilizing the application in a non-custodial manner.

Badger has kept most of the functionalities of the desktop version to mobile, like keeping everything on-chain, together with upholding full client control and custody over their BCH or SLP tokens.

In addition, Badger kept the option to send small amounts of funds between wallets. One test user commented, “I… sent myself a nickel because it’s not possible to send such a small amount of satoshis on other networks”

Users can send tokens worldwide for around $.002, a Reddit post stated after the announcement.

Existing users of the service can retrieve their Badger wallets using their 12-word seed phrase. The new app will automatically show their account balances from existing accounts.

The open source beta version is now available in the App Store and compatible with iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch using iOS 9 or later.