Aventus Reveals Ethereum-Based Protocol to Create Enhanced Ticketing Industry

The cryptocurrency-focused blockchain-based protocol, Aventus, announced its code release Aventus Classic intended to develop a more efficient and transparent ticketing industry. 

On September 12, Aventus Network revealed in a blog entry the launch of Aventus Classic, a completely decentralized open-source Ethereum-based ticketing convention intended to stop fraud and offer more transparency to the event ticketing industry. The announcement proceeds to state:

“This release marks our first real step in engaging with the open-source community, as Aventus Classic will now be open to contributions from anyone and will no longer be solely developed by official partners of the Aventus Protocol Foundation.”

The launch of the new ticketing protocol coincides with a $15,000 prize competition for blockchain developers. In collaboration with The Satoshi Awards, developers are approached to create a blockchain-based ticketing framework, where the winner will be granted $15,000 worth of Ether. The winning build will be showcased at The Satoshi Awards’ in mid-2020.

It was previously reported a year ago that worldwide ticketing mammoth Ticketmaster had procured blockchain-focused live events firm Upgraded to handle issues in the event ticketing industry. The firm expressed at the time that it intended to utilize blockchain technology as an approach to give more transparency and better control ticket distribution.