Australian Gov’t Worker Caught Using Office Equipment to Mine Crypto

An Australian government employee has been charged by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for using government IT equipment to mine for cryptocurrencies.

In a press release, the AFP said that the unnamed culprit, a 33-year-old IT contractor working for the Australian government, took advantage of his access to IT equipment to “manipulate programs to use the processing power of the agency’s computer network for cryptocurrency mining.

Authorities say the contractor made AU$9,000 (around $6,200) from his illicit mining operation. He has been charged with unauthorized modification of restricted data and the unauthorized modification of data to cause impairment. The charges levied against him carry a maximum sentence of 2 years and 10 years, respectively.

Acting Commander Chris Goldsmid, the AFP’s manager of cybercrime operations, said that they plan to prosecute the contractor to the full extent of the law.

Australian taxpayers put their trust in public officials to perform vital roles for our community with the utmost integrity,” Goldsmid said.

Any alleged criminal conduct which betrays this trust for personal gain will be investigated and prosecuted.