Aussie Digital (AUD)

    Rewriting the Future of E-Commerce on Blockchain

    With brick and mortar retail dying out, individuals will soon realize that e-commerce is becoming more attractive to retailers. The problem is that e-commerce providers like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify are getting greedy. That is where Aussie Digital stands out. The project is intended to aid small to medium businesses online.

    The Aussie Digital Ecosystem is built around a crypto token. It has an Amazon-style store builder packed with revolutionary digital marketing tools as well as a B2B trading platform uniquely integrating social media. Other blockchain-powered services are also included to speed up the flow of funds, keeping costs down for shoppers and retailers alike. An e-commerce ecosystem based on the blockchain and powered by a native digital currency. Aussie Digital has various services. Together, they make people’s daily life smarter and more convenient.

    The Aussie Digital team is building an eBay/Amazon-like e-commerce platform, which will take digital and fiat currency. It will help small and new businesses set up quickly and at a low cost. Similar to other online enterprises, promotion is necessary so Aussie Digital incorporated features to help with SEO as well as an innovative and generous rewards program.

    TRADEZY customers can access the B2B trading platform making wholesale products cost-efficient, search engine smart, and user-friendly. That will revolutionize how small businesses operate and individuals shop.

    The Aussie Digital team and its advisors came from various sectors such as exporting, importation, business strategy, banking, marketing, social media, digital marketing, business development, interactive design, TV production, trading stocks and currencies, HR training, blockchain analysts and crypto experts. They are a diverse group of like-minded individuals with different cultures, educations, and backgrounds.

    Dates 2019-05-27 – 2019-07-27
    Token AUD
    Type Utility
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH, BTC, Fiat
    Country Australia
    White Paper