Aston Plays Major Role In BlockShow Asia 2017

Aston Plays Major Role In BlockShow Asia 2017

BlockShow Asia 2017 had ended several weeks ago yet the buzz still goes on. One of the many companies which participated had played a huge part in the conference.

The Aston project represented South Korea, which is often forgotten in the context of the Asian Blockchain ecosystem. Aston Head of Sales Connor Tack, however, made one of the company’s main purposes for joining Blockshow Asia 2017 clear:

“First of all, as we consider ourselves as the leader in Blockchain industry in South Korea, we wanted to stimulate and trigger Korean companies to join the global market. We wanted to show that our technologies are at the same page or beyond to the western world.”

Disruption of document distribution

The company, Aston, is a decentralized document authentication and distribution platform. Based in South Korea, its main feature is that it replaces linear Blockchains with the X-Chain – a new Blockchain technology and a multi-dimensional structure existing with the standard linear blockchain.

Connor Tack explains Aston, saying, “We seek to replace and automate all the documents that are issued by trusted third parties like hospitals, <…> or banks, schools and governments.”

One of the things which proves Aston’s role in supporting and adding to BlockShow Asia 2017 is their commentary from Connor Tack, who had expressed his own opinions about the main mission of the conference – the elimination of borders and unity of the Western and Eastern parts of the global Blockchain ecosystem. Tack shared his vision:

“In contrary to the proliferating Western market, the Eastern market is slowing down due to the regulations raised in influential countries. Only Сhina itself could enlarge the Blockchain industry to the size of the western market, its absence influenced several countries nearby. South Korea is now regulating the crypto-exchanges and the narrow-minded banks are not being collaborative since cryptocurrencies seemed to be the competitor to the fiat currencies. We knew that financial industry is conservative, but never knew they would impede on such huge market from materializing as a legit business. As always it has been, Korean government awaits for the US and China to fully legalize this industry including ICO to start to embrace it. Therefore, we need a better connection between Eastern and the Western Blockchain scenes.”

Avoiding ICO frauds

On the second day of the conference, Connor Tack was one of the speakers who presented in the first part of the event. His speech was about one of the hottest topics of the Blockchain ecosystem: the ICO sector, and how to avoid frauds in the field. Tack spoke about his presentation, saying it was one of the main purposes of participating in BlockShow Asia, stating that it is their duty to protect their ICO, Blockchain ecosystem from the frauds.

Tack details his vision, saying “…I wanted to spread the word that it is our duty to protect our ICO, Blockchain ecosystem from the frauds. If we keep asking questions to those ICOs, we will be able to standardize and enhance the ability to distinguish the scams. Resulting in a sanctum of ICOs where no frauds are allowed.”

It is obvious that his presentation was an attempt to encourage the community to review ICOs thoroughly before selection and actually investing in any project. He explains ways of self-analysis of ICOs, as well as some points one must pay attention to. As he ended his speech, he made a brief summary and reminded his audience of the main idea:

“We should keep asking questions to those ICO projects, so we can prevent corruption and frauds from coming to corrupt this ecosystem. Please spread the word and help us save our ICOs.”

The presentation ended on a positive note, with Tack happily announcing that Aston just signed an exclusive contract with 4CGate – a leading IT service solution provider for service activity automation in various fields such as government, education, healthcare, and more. The basis of the cooperation between the two companies seems to be Aston’s Blockchain-based medical proof service. The said service is currently undergoing test runs with two major hospitals in South Korea. He also shared that 4CGate is currently running in over 90 major hospitals in Korea, taking care of 180,000 patients daily – according to Aston’s predictions, this number will lead to 6.5 million documents processed by Aston each month.

Lastly, Tack shared Aston’s plans for the rest of 2017 and the start of 2018. By the end of January, Aston will be closing its ongoing crowdsale as its ATC token will soon be listed in major exchanges starting with Coinlink. The company’s concept, X-Chain and its tools, will also be commenced in the first quarter of 2018.