Asteroid Rush (Pi-Astro)

    Blockchain MMO strategy game where you develop the asteroid belt

    A variety of characters!

    Posted by Asteroid Rush on Tuesday, February 12, 2019

    Asteroid Rush is a blockchain MMO strategy game in which individuals and their team fight for the right to develop asteroids and should prove their skills to remain in the game.

    By 2016, the Asteroid Rush team were planning the exploration of the primary asteroid belt in the solar system for several months. After all, the US Commercial Space Launch Competitiveness Act has been signed into law at the end of 2015.

    There are some who want to conquer the Moon or Mars, but the Asteroid Rush team realized they wanted to conquer asteroids. Based on a conservative estimate, one of the asteroids nearest to the Earth can deliver a profit of as much as $1.2 trillion.

    Commercial astronautics has yet to position Asteroid Rush into the planet’s orbit so they decided to create a game about asteroid belt exploration as well as mining space resources.

    Asteroid Rush is an MMO strategy game about resource mining, asteroid exploration, humanity’s expansion into space, battling for the best deposits, and space trading. It is not a collectable or betting application. It is a game that encompasses every part of the social game ecosystem and the blockchain.

    Asteroid Rush allows a player to play the role of a miner crew boss, deliberately choosing and improving the members of their crew, deploying them to the closest asteroids to mine space resources, as well as assigning them to fight for the right to create the best deposits.

    Asteroids, their resources, and character cards are generated and stored on the blockchain. Asteroid Rush leverages the Bancor algorithm, making “the in-game economy function as a model of a real one.” The correlation between supply and demand determines the market value of goods and resources sold at auction.

    Project features include purchasing a patent for asteroid mining, assembling the best mining crew, fighting PvP battles for resources, deploying expeditions to mine resources, upgrading crew, contributing to common goals, and selling resources at the auction for Pi-Astro, Founder Tokens, and AR Credits.

    The future versions will add:

    • Battle exosuits
    • PvP arena with actual players
    • Development and construction of the base
    • Clan bases and clans with economic policies
    • Mate colonists to assemble new crews and expand their collection
    Token Pi-Astro
    Accepting Pi-Astro, EOS, BTC, ETH
    Country Russia
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