Apple Smartwatch Gets Its First Lightning Network Wallet App

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Bitcoin and Lightning Network wallet BlueWallet is paving the way for Lightning Network apps on the Apple Smartwatch with the recent release of a smartwatch-compatible version of its popular wallet app.

Along with the app announcement on Twitter, the developers also provided insight on what features they’ve managed to cram into the Apple Smartwatch.

Aside from basic functionality like payments, individual wallets, and a transaction list, the BlueWallet app for Apple Smartwatch also features full encryption, support for over 20 languages, and has been clarified by the BlueWallet development team to have the ability to act as a non-custodial wallet.

Withdrawal is still a no-go, however, as Bluewallet does not support withdrawals on Lightning Network at the moment. Users are advised to use any other exchange that supports Lightning Network to make withdrawals.

Fast, zero-fee transactions

Starting out as a Bitcoin wallet only, BlueWallet implemented full Lightning Network functionality in late December of last year. Its mobile apps for iOS and Android have since become some of the most popular crypto wallet apps in the mobile space.

The Lightning Network itself, meanwhile, has turned from a simple bid to improve transaction speeds and minimize on-chain fees into a massive game changer for the development of Bitcoin and crypto payments.

It allows users to send microtransactions over channels funded by both senders and receivers, easing the problems caused by issues of scalability and network latency—two major roadblocks in the crypto payment landscape.

In the past few months alone, we’ve seen a number of prominent companies announce support for the Lightning Network while developers have been hard at work making it easier to process Lightning payments for everyday transactions.

Zap, for example, released a point-of-sale mobile app earlier this year that lets vendors accept crypto payments over the Lightning Network. There has even been a successful demonstration of a Lightning-enabled plugin for a Bitcoin ATM in Hong Kong.