Analyst: Ethereum’s 2nd Layer Scaling will Happen in 2019

An analyst from the Ethereum network and community predicts that 2019 can bring about a second layer scaling to the platform. Among the other proposed upgrades include Plasma and the Raiden Network.

The Ethereum Foundation recognizes the urgent need to scale the network through second layer methods. The foundation has even awarded Parity Technologies, Ethereum’s most active group of developers, with a $5 million grant to support the development of such upgrades.

In a January 6 tweet, “Into the Ether” podcast host and Ethereum information portal founder Eric Conner, posted a prediction for ETH in 2019, saying:

2019 is going to be the year of layer 2 scaling for Ethereum.

— Eric Conner (@econoar) January 6, 2019

ETH badly needs a workable scaling solution. This need is clearly seen in 2017 when decentralized collectible game CryptoKitties almost suffered a grinding halt when it was deluged by users.

Obviously, Ethereum Foundation is quite aware that it needs to scale the blockchain very soon. Currently, individuals who want to delve into decentralized applications have been migrating to EOS, a rival smart contract platform, at an alarming rate. This exodus is expected to continue unless ample solutions are implemented immediately.

To be able to encourage developers to work double time, the Ethereum Foundation has already provided a $5 million research grant. In a blog post, Parity Technologies states that the team will be receiving $5 million to help their ongoing research on scaling and other upgrades to the network.

The blog post also explains why Parity Technologies has been selected to receive the “scalability, usability and security grant,” saying:

“For several years, Parity Technologies has been an invaluable member of the Ethereum ecosystem for their leadership in core development efforts, their Parity Ethereum client and more… By all metrics, Parity is a major technical contributor to the Ethereum project, and they’ve notably done so as a self-financed and open-sourced effort since their founding.”

The Ethereum Foundation has also identified the areas of research it hopes to benefit from the cash grant, namely developing Casper, sharding, light clients, developer tools, audits, and infrastructure improvements.

Furthermore, there are other major upgrades already listed to be part of Ethereum’s 2019 agenda, including the much-awaited Constantinople hard fork slated this late January.