Announces XinFin-XDC Token Trade Pair with Ripple, Ethereum, and Bitcoin

Announced today, cryptocurrency exchange will start XDC/BTC, XDC/XRP, and XDC/ETH pairings to aid on its numerous pilots for remittances, IoT pilot projects, and tradefinex that various regulated global entities are currently undertaking on the XDC01 protocol. A digital asset exchange that is slowly earning its name, aims to follow compliances and regulatory standards that are needed to deal with real-world enterprises.

Peter Yeo, Compliance Advisor at says this:

“With the recent regulatory announcements around compliance standards and licenses for digital asset exchanges, will be following Industry’s best AML/KYC standards and will work on protection of trade for its customers. At, we aim to assist the various global institutions that are working on XinFin’s XDC protocol. The ongoing pilots include real-time monitoring of infrastructure projects using IoT. Pilot projects also include the emerging platform for various trade associations and regulated banking, fintech partners. Digital asset exchanges today face various challenges that include gaining regulatory clearances and an ability to work with banks and real-world enterprises. We at aim to be one of the best digital asset exchanges platform that will be fully compliant with the existing laws and framework.”

Yeo also said that will also be conducting various pilots for Token of Trust Global Trade, fixed-rate remittances, real-world asset digitization, and providing settlement layer for the IoT enabled projects Powered by XDC Token.

Furthermore, the advisor also said that has given invitations entrepreneurs, financial institutions, and regulated enterprises around the world who can utilize their platform to provide fiat currency fairs against XinFin XDCs where the institutions that joined are given the authorization to operate.

XinFin or eXchange InFinite is currently evolving its hybrid XDC01 protocol that lets enterprises maintain a private state and a public state on the same Blockchain Network that provides secure, scalable, higher through-put network platform for global FinTech institutions. XinFin has signed agreements with over 10 global institutions that aim to make use of XinFin’s Hybrid Blockchain platform to disrupt various industry verticals such as remittances, travel, supply chain, assets and Projects financing,” Peter Yeo explains.

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