AdRealm (ARM)

    A New Ecosystem for Digital Advertising

    AdRealm is looking to revolutionize the digital advertising ecosystem and develop a self-sustaining open ecosystem so every participant can achieve advertising efficiency. Based on Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard, AdRealm connects content publishers, advertisers, developers, service providers, etc. on its decentralized public ledger guaranteeing the privacy and removing third-party management of data. Its three-tier architecture consists of a service layer, off-chain layer, and on-chain layer ensures efficiency and speed and overcomes industry pain points such as data leakage, fraud, and low-quality ads. AdRealm depends on the Proof of Valid Traffic (PoVT) consensus mechanism which makes traffic and high-quality ads the basic criteria for transactions’ operational success.

    AdRealm is an ecosystem based on business incentive-oriented consensus (BIOC). It leverages a public chain plus off-chain network to establish a new foundation for the digital advertising sector on top of the service layer. It is designed and engineered to facilitate value creation. Its PoVT consensus exceeds blockchain’s fundamental architectural requirement and leads to the cultivation of an ecosystem that encourages a virtuous and sustainable cycle for high-quality services and data.


    For digital advertising, Valid Traffic is considered a source of value. A large proportion of invalid traffic, in the forms of data anaemia and data validity, pains advertisers worldwide. PoVT solves industry pain points while functioning as an underlying consensus mechanism in a public chain system. It boosts industry efficiency and rewards activities and behavior by every participant by aligning with the ecosystem’s goal.


    A foundation governed by the PoVT mechanism guarantees a fair, stable, and balanced representation of good actors. Unlike hard capped coins, the AdRealm token (ARM) is also a Nondepletable Sustainable Digital Specie (NSDS) that sustains the ecosystem. Ecosystem participants maintain a council committee voted in by terms according to PoVT.

    Off-chain network 

    AdRealm off-chain network enables the business to be performed at “internet scale concurrency level.” Unique requirements such as data mining, AI, and analytics occur there while other data move to the public chain. The network also permits cross-chain asset transactions like ETH and BTC.

    Token ARM
    Type Utility
    Bounty Available
    Platform Ethereum
    Accepting ETH, BTC, NEO, DASH
    Country China
    White Paper